The Issues

Sustainable Economy

HEC has long sought solutions that are good for the economy and good for the environment. We focus on helping to reduce barriers for economic sectors that, by their nature, will be engines for jobs and better for our air, water, and climate.   For more than a decade, HEC has been very focused on advancing sustainable energy, like solar power, and sustainable transportation, like mass transit.   And climate initiatives, in general, present new economic opportunities for farmers, forest owners, energy efficiency professionals, and more.   Achieving democracy reform - like ending gerrymandering - is key to having elected officials who have the foresight to realize the economic promise of sectors like sustainable energy.

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Environmental Health & Justice

As a statewide organization, we focus on environmental health challenges that are prevalent across the state; two of the most significant ones are coal ash and factory farm waste. We are keen to help empower local communities who have felt marginalized, over the decades, by their elected, civic, and business leaders with regard to environmental issues; our Environmental Justice Initiative, at the present time, is focused on Marion County. HEC seeks to reduce toxic exposures, and has made meaningful contributions to reduce harm, in particular, from lead poisoning and Outdoor Wood Boiler smoke. Read our position on the proposed, controversial coal-to-diesel plant in Dale, IN.

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Water & Wilderness Protection

Land and water ecosystems are deeply interlinked: Chemical & manure runoff from farm fields, stormwater runoff from suburban & urban areas, and logging of forested areas can be devastating to our lakes & rivers. Flooding of our rivers can upend vibrant agricultural areas as well as developed areas. HEC focuses on initiatives to preserve our forested areas, expand our wilderness & greenway areas, and safeguard drinking water resources.

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