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Our state’s reliance on coal-fired power has created a literally toxic atmosphere. Coal provides a stunning 95 percent of our electricity. Compare that to the rest of the nation, which uses coal for only 50 percent of its electricity needs. Dirty electricity is just the tip of the iceberg. Our state lags behind others in nearly every environmental category, including toxic emissions, mass transit, and environmentally healthy agricultural practices.

If Indiana doesn’t take advantage of opportunities in the green energy market, we stand to lose tens of thousands of jobs in the next decade. And if we fail to promote healthier forms of public transportation like passenger rail and mass transit, we risk losing creative professionals and future corporate leaders to cities and towns with modern, sustainable amenities.

In spite of this gloomy forecast, there is hope. It exists in the form of Hoosiers everywhere, who more than ever recognize the environment as more than just a fringe concern. They know it’s not just about protecting wildlife and fighting pollution; it’s about protecting our children, and pushing for clean energy jobs that will help our state compete in the 21st century. HEC exists to give voice to these Hoosiers in the name of public health, economic development, and common sense.