Find an Environmental Expert

Have a question? HEC’s policy directors are experts in a wide range of environmental issues. For general inquiries, please use our contact form below.

Sam Carpenter – Executive Director and 317-812-1701

David Van Gilder – Senior Policy and Legal Director and (317) 685-8800, ext. 1006
Areas of Expertise: forestry, land use, transit, clean air, coal ash, public policy process

Paula Brooks – Environmental Justice Director and (317) 685-8800, ext. 1013
Areas of Expertise: environmental justice, land use and zoning, climate/energy justice, community engagement, community organizing, local and state government, planning

Toby Days – Sustainable Agriculture Director and (317) 981-3215, ext. 1033
Areas of Expertise: agriculture, forestry, conservation programs & funding, soil health, water & wastewater treatment, water quality

Jocelyn Keranen – Environmental Health Director and (317)-685-8800, ext. 1008
Areas of Expertise: public health, lead poisoning, healthy housing, community-based research, and data interpretation