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Announcing our new Executive Director

We have exciting news, first announced at HEC's Greening the Statehouse 2022!

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Greening the Statehouse 2022: Clean Water for Indiana

Our annual conference was October 15th - thanks for joining us!

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Join the HEC HOPE Team (Hoosiers Organizing for Planet Earth), our volunteer program to take action for Indiana's environment!

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Tell Congress to Pass the Farm System Reform Act

Contact your State Representative to ask them to support the Farm System Reform Act.

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Protect Indiana’s Wetlands

A bill in the 2021 Indiana legislative session, SB 389, was passed into law and significantly reduces protection for Indiana’s isolated wetlands. Attend a webinar and learn more about how you can help protect our wetlands.

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Pursuing Justice on All Fronts – including Environmental Justice

As our nation grapples with how to comprehensively respond to the profound injustices in our society that have come to renewed light of late, we at the Hoosier Environmental Council rededicate ourselves to advance the cause of environmental justice.

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Make a “Clear Choices, Clean Water” Pledge

How do your choices affect our waterways? Make a pledge to protect Indiana's rivers and lakes.

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Our Purpose & Passion

Tackling the Issues

The Hoosier Environmental Council is the voice of the people for the environment in Indiana — the organization with the passion and the plan to tackle our environmental challenges and help make our state a healthier, better place to live and do business.

Bill Watch 2022

Taking Advocacy to the Next Level

In partnership with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and with a diverse coalition of public interest and business organizations, together, we will build a more positive future for Indiana. Follow our 2022 Bill Watch and our social media for opportunities to speak up for our state’s air, water, land, and quality of life.

2022 Bill Watch

The Climate Crisis

How HEC is Working to Act On Climate

Climate change is real. It is the result of human activities. And it will impact present and future generations. Join HEC and partner organizations as we #ActOnClimate.

The Science

The Science

The world’s leading climate scientists and scientific organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, assert that human activities are the primary cause for climate change.

Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction

HEC works diligently to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all of the leading sources in Indiana, including power, industry, and agriculture.

Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaptation

Even with our best efforts, the global climate will continue to warm due to “locked-in” greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In order to prevent the worst impacts from negatively impacting large swaths of our communities, we must adapt to this “new normal”.

HEC Green Businesses

We Are Stronger Together

HEC is the voice of the people for the environment in Indiana. Thank you to the Sky is the Limit and emPowering Progress HEC Green Businesses below who make our voice stronger. We encourage you to support the businesses who support HEC!
View all HEC Green Businesses

Renewable Energy Systems
RiverBirch Advisors
Whole Sun Designs
Skyler Creative
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Rectify Solar
Eco Logic
Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station (BRICS)
Griffy Creek Studio
Ambre Blends
MPI Solar
The Mindrebo Group
C.H. Douglas & Gray Wealth Management
Singer Wealth Advisory of Raymond James
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Concerned Citizen Portal

The Hoosier Environmental Council will make our best efforts to assist every affected individual and/or community group.

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Improving Kids' Environment Portal

Resources to safeguard children from environmental threats at home, at school, and in the community.


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