The Issues

Water & Wilderness Protection

Land and water ecosystems are deeply interlinked: Chemical & manure runoff from farm fields, stormwater runoff from suburban & urban areas, and logging of forested areas can be devastating to our lakes & rivers. Flooding of our rivers can upend vibrant agricultural areas as well as developed areas. HEC focuses on initiatives to preserve our forested areas, expand our wilderness & greenway areas, and safeguard drinking water resources.

Drinking Water, River & Lake Protection

Clean, uncontaminated water is essential to all forms of life.
However, most of Indiana’s waterways struggle with sediment runoff, excess nutrients such as phosphorus, and even infectious bacteria such as E. coli. HEC is working to protect Indiana’s water resources by focusing on the greatest threats to Indiana's drinking water, rivers and lakes.

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Wilderness & Greenways Expansion

Hoosier Environmental Council seeks to save forests, protect free-flowing rivers and promote a deeper connection to nature in Indiana.

From the Hoosier National Forest in southern Indiana to the Indiana Dunes National Park, our state is blessed with diverse ecosystems. But our wild spaces are scarce. And fragmented. Expanding our wilderness areas and greenways protects vital open space and wildlife habitats and connects those fragmented pieces of the Hoosier landscape.

HEC supports local and statewide efforts to improve our greenway system, along with our leadership of the campaign to establish the Mounds Greenway.

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Forest Protection

Indiana’s hardwood forests are one of our natural treasures. These woodlands are dynamic landscapes, richly diverse in their range of plant and animal life.
From young stands of poplar and aspen to towering old oak, walnut and beech trees, the largest expanses of forestland in Indiana are found in the southern part of the state. Central and northern Indiana still harbor magnificent forests as well. It is among those southern forestlands where the majority of our public forestlands are located.

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