Preparing for Change – Increasing Indiana’s Resiliency

Climate change already affects Indiana and will continue to worsen. We must begin the process of adapting to a new normal as the climate continues to shift. There are many steps that we can take to increase Indiana’s resiliency and prepare for worsening climate impacts. Learn more about HEC’s climate change efforts

Thriving Ecosystems
Prioritizing Soil Health
  • Extreme weather, drought, and mild winters will put a heavy burden on our farmers. Prioritizing soil health will prepare our soils for worsening climate change impacts, protect our water, and support our pollinators.
Protecting our Wetlands
Emergency Planning
Supporting our Communities
Promoting Distributed Generation
  • Distributed generation (DG), such as solar, reduces our greenhouse gas emissions and responds well during extreme weather. During outages or surges, DG can still provide power regardless of grid failure. Learn more about HEC’s work to promote DG

Additionally, there are various specific adaptation strategies both at the large-scale and individual-scale. Please use the links below to learn more.