UPDATE (as of 3/14/24): Senate Bill 52 died and the Blue Line was preserved after an agreement was reached between House Republican Leadership and IndyGo. Thank you to all who took action for public transit!

Public transit is under threat in the 2024 legislative session. Learn more about SB 52 and take action!

Senate Bill 52 prohibits a public transportation project anywhere in the state from dedicating or enforcing vehicular lanes for the exclusive use of buses until July 1, 2025. The bill would create a task force to study the impact of dedicated bus lanes for mass transit. 

Here are reasons why you should oppose this legislation. 

  • There is overwhelming opposition from local community members and business leaders in Indianapolis, as there has been each of the past four attempts to pass similar legislation.
  • The bill has state-wide effect, thus blocking planners in Fort Wayne, Bloomington, and other cities from the option to use bus lanes as part of their rapid transit solutions and pedestrian safety solutions until the taskforce study is complete.
  • The bill is an unnecessary overreach by the legislature into local government planning and affairs.
  • The bill would have the immediate effect of killing the Blue Line project in Marion County, planning for which is over 90% complete
  • There are immediate and certain future economic costs and taxpayer losses that would be incurred if SB52 becomes law, such as
    • Stranding of $14M already invested in planning
    • Risking over $230M in infrastructure investments
    • Foregoing over $399M in economic development planned along the Blue Line corridor. The Red Line has produced over $700 million in economic development and over 600 revitalized housing units along its corridor.
  • These infrastructure improvements along the Blue Line corridor will be lost:
    • Stormwater drainage improvements
    • 7 miles of new street paving
    • 9 miles of new or replaced sidewalks
    • 57 new or upgraded traffic signals
    • 343 new or replaced ADA curb ramps
  • Eliminating any dedicated bus lane projects is unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Recent comprehensive studies already indicate up to a 40% reduction of crashes along bus rapid transit routes, and
    • There has been no evidence of congestion or slowed commute times for automobile drivers on Meridian and College in Indianapolis (Red Line)
  • Over 30,000 households in Marion County do not own a car, and east-west travel across the city is particularly difficult.  SB52 unjustly harms tens of thousands of people who must rely on public transportation to get to work, school, and centers of recreation and entertainment.
  • The Blue Line is an essential part of a larger network of rapid transit for Marion County. Its 24 miles will serve the airport on the west side and reach adjoining counties to the east.
  • Our State Capitol, Indianapolis, will remain behind in national and international standards in access to its airport, thus losing desired sports and convention events, future business investment, and attracting and retaining talent such as the recent decision by Amazon not to locate its second headquarters in Indiana.

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