Now more than ever, its time to take action for Indiana’s wetlands.
Take Action!

Contact your state legislators about the importance of wetlands protection and restoration in Indiana. NOTE (2/16): this form has been updated for you to contact your state rep. about SB 246. Interested in taking further action? Please call your state rep.!

Update (Feb. 2024)

The Indiana Senate unanimously is advanced legislation that would create an incentive for preserving wetlands. Read more about SB 246.

Unfortunately, HB 1383 has been signed into law by Governor Holcomb. Read more about HB 1383. Thank you to everyone who took action for HB 1383 and Indiana’s wetlands – we will continue to advocate for Indiana’s wetlands and will work to address wetland permitting.  

On May 25, 2023, the US Supreme Court made an extreme ruling that most wetlands do not have protection under federal law. The fate of our wetlands is up to the state, and Indiana doesn’t have a good track record. An estimated 90% of our original wetlands have already been lost. In 2021, the Indiana legislature significantly cut state wetland protections. Between that cut and the Court decision, HEC is estimating that more than 400,000 acres of Indiana wetlands are in jeopardy.

Indiana’s wetlands are important because they:

  • Reduce flooding by holding excess stormwater. They are the most cost-effective stormwater infrastructure we have
  • Filter and purify water
  • Replenish the groundwater for our wells
  • Slow stormwater so there is less erosion
  • Provide the most biologically-productive ecosystems

Tell your state legislators that you want them to preserve and restore Indiana’s wetlands!

When contacting your legislators, personalizing your message can be effective. Here are some ideas for how you can personalize your message: 

  • Is there a wetland near you or a wetland you’ve visited? Share what you love about it! Check out this wetlands list from our partners at the Indiana Land Protection Alliance!
  • Tell them about a wetland that’s been destroyed and the impact this loss has had.