While HEC is a statewide organization, we do judiciously get involved in local-level initiatives that we believe have statewide import.

HEC has been actively supportive of the Indianapolis city government’s efforts to foster sustainability, environmental justice, and climate action.  For example:

  1. HEC served as the de facto coalition leader of an effort to build consensus in the environmental community around Thrive, Indianapolis’s climate action plan
  2. HEC’s previous Executive Director, Jesse Kharbanda, served on the Commission on Environmental Sustainability, and HEC’s Environmental Justice Manager, Paula Brooks, gave an influential presentation to that Commission on environmental justice
  3. HEC organized a coalition of 20+ organizations to back Prop 190, a proposal to create a first-ever dedicated environmental sustainability committee.  Please read this HEC-led coalition letter for seven reasons why creating this Committee is so important! It passed overwhelmingly on a vote of 19 to 6.