What better place to teach about the importance on the environment than in our schools? Green Schools Initiative is an outstanding resource.

2014 Note: Many teachers might be aware of HEC’s Our Place program.  This was a K-12 place-based education project that involved teachers and resource people working together to facilitate student-driven projects based on environmental issues within their own communities. This was “Think Globally, Act Locally” in action.  An innovative approach that combined environmental education with civic engagement.  Because students could see first-hand the fruits of their labor, this type of program increased academic achievement, helped students develop stronger ties to their community, and enhanced their appreciation for the nature.  In short, Our Place created better students, better citizens, and ultimately a better environment. For strategic and funding reasons, HEC has temporarily suspended this program, but we remain interested in reviving this program when the circumstances allow.

Colleges and Universities

Are you a campus leader, alumnus, or faculty member who is seeking to green your campus? Many of Indiana’s universities are stepping up to reduce their energy and water footprint, through green buildings, wind and solar systems, and rain gardens.

If you are interested in fostering broader environmental change, join the Indiana Green Campus Network.