On February 7, 2021, we lost a great environmentalist and great friend of the Hoosier Environmental Council, Jeanette Neagu.  Her legacy in working to protect nature includes helping to tackle algae blooms, bacterial pollution, and industrial contamination, and striving to preserve and protect the Lake Michigan watershed.  Our Team shares some of our reflections on Jeanette and her wonderful life of service.


Jeanette was, and will always be, such an inspiration to the Indiana environmental movement. I will carry with me many warm memories of being with her…and seeing, firsthand, her exuberant spirit, intellect, courage of conviction, and leadership. Jeanette, we cherish your memory and cherish the values that you lived by and will carry those forward!  
~ Jesse
Kharbanda, Executive Director 

Fearless is the quality that comes to mind when I think of Jeanette. Never afraid to dive into a high stakes environmental fight, she was an inspiration to those who worked beside her. Her activism was driven by her kind spirit as well as her fierce determination. It was an honor to know you Jeanette and I will miss you.  ~Tim Maloney, Senior Policy Director

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with Jeanette on several occasions.  We spent time together on algae blooms, industrial spills and environmental messaging for the public. Thank you, Jeanette, for all you did!  Indiana is better for your having been here.
~ Indra
Frank, Director of Environmental Health and Water Policy

Jeanette was one of the first Indiana environmental advocates I met after graduating from law school. Her determination, passion, and commitment to the cause has never ceased to amaze me since.
~ Kim Ferraro, Senior Staff Attorney

Jeanette’s passion and commitment were apparent to everyone who knew her. She was an active and dedicated advocate for the environment and will be so missed by our Indiana community.
~Amanda Shepherd, Senior Manager of Outreach

If you have a special memory of Jeanette’s important role in our movement, please email us at comments@hecweb.org. We will try to include a few more tributes to Jeanette on this page, and share this page with the Neagu Family…