Action Alerts

1.) Join Us on September 30th — It’s Time Again to Ride for the Mounds (Greenway)!

Dust off your Schwinn, Trek, Fuji or Huffy, put on the spandex (or, if you’re not into polyester, then a cotton t-shirt and shorts) and meet us in Daleville for a bicycle adventure along and nearby the scenic, free-flowing White River corridor, which would be protected by the proposed Mounds Greenway!

The Mounds Greenway plan, which is nearing its implementation stage, is an ambitious linear park proposal that combines forest and river conservation with a long distance hiking and biking trail system.

The 3rd annual Ride for the Mounds features three biking routes for all skill levels. What’s more, after the Ride you can enjoy food and drink from Muncie’s Downtown Farm Stand and a drawing for valuable prizes including a new bicycle. And if that’s not enough incentive, we’ll be entertained by the Hammer and the Hatchet, an original, heartfelt and inventive acoustic roots music duo, followed by a campfire jam session.

Register here today for the Ride!

And if you’re not a rider, sign up for just the after ride festivities and music.  Watch our Mounds Greenway video and learn more about the Greenway proposal here.

Among our many generous sponsors are Canoe Country, Greenway 500 Bike Shop, Downtown Farm Stand, Bicycle Garage Indy, and Pro Bikes Ltd. See the full list on our registration page.

2.) Be Sure to Register for Greening the Statehouse

The best opportunity in the entire year to a.) get empowered with knowledge on the leading environmental issues in the state and b.) get equipped with the skills to be effective is Greening the Statehouse (GTS)!  Please be sure to take advantage of early bird pricing by registering today to be at GTS, Indiana’s largest annual gathering of environmental-minded Hoosiers!

3.) Sign Up to Go Solar: Major Deadline is Coming Up

If you have been thinking about going solar at your home, or dream of seeing solar panels on your educational institution, office building, place of worship, or community center, now is an excellent time to do so.

If you haven’t already, be sure to attend a “Solarizing Indiana” workshop to find out what is involved — costs, financing, technical requirements, and more.   If a workshop is not coming up in your area very soon, be sure to check out this overview video.

If you are a customer of Duke, Indiana-Michigan Power, IPL, NIPSCO, or Vectren, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission recommends that you submit your interconnection application to your utility no later than October 19, 2017. That will allow you to get the best policy terms with respect to “net metering“: you’ll have net metering for the next 30 years on your system.  If you wait longer, you may risk having net metering for just 10-15 years. (And if you wait till July 1, 2022 before you go solar, you will have, according to current law, no net metering at all.)

To learn about federal solar systems, be sure to check out this site.