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HEC believes that Indiana has, relative to other states, a weak set of safeguards to protect the public from the health and environment risks of industrial-scale livestock operations. These safeguards are largely determined by the decisions made at the Indiana Statehouse. This is why the Hoosier Environmental Council places legislative education, citizen advocacy, and testifying in defense of rural communities and independent family farmers as our top priority!

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New rules from IDEM and the State Chemist – while improved – still do not set sufficient safeguards to protect human health, animal health, or environmental health.
Read HEC’s detailed position statement on CAFOs.

We have worked with a variety of stakeholders to pass bills and amendments that will hold polluting farms responsible for the degradation of our air and water quality and will minimize the impact on neighbors and the environment, as well as to improve rules being developed by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Office of the Indiana State Chemist that will protect our waterways and prevent public health and environmental catastrophes.  Find more information in our resources page.

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