Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture works WITH the environment rather than against it – and protects soil, water, and people from potentially dangerous chemicals, pesticides, and large manure lagoons that breed disease by focusing on natural solutions and free-range practices. It increases the the quality of life for farmers and those people that live in the area surrounding the farms and treats animals humanely.

Sustainable farmers and the other agricultural professionals that are dedicated to this increasingly popular method of agriculture develop innovative farming techniques that are often based on the tried and true environmentally friendly systems from generations long gone.  They create vibrant local economies and markets, provide safe natural foods, protect our natural resources, soil and water quality and habitats for native species.

The farming practices most often used – and the safeguards that protect our air, water, soil, and food from practices known to harm our health and our environment – are heavily shaped by the policies adopted during the Indiana legislative session. To learn more about legislation affecting agriculture, please visit our Bill Watch page.

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