Urge IDEM to Not Eliminate Public Notices for Air Permit Applications in Newspapers

By a ratio of 250 to 1, Hoosiers expressed opposition to IDEM’s proposal to eliminate publication of notices of air permit hearings in Indiana newspapers.  Were this proposal to be adopted by IDEM, it would mean that the public would know about such hearings wholly through IDEM’s website and through sign up to their e-mail list.   Despite overwhelmingly opposition to the plans to eliminate noticing through newspapers, IDEM is still considering this proposal and has opened up a second comment period that ends on May 18, 2018.

Please take a moment from your day to express your opposition to this plan by 5 pm on May 18th.

Here are some facts to keep in mind:

1.) 3.6 million Hoosiers read a printed newspaper and/or newspaper’s affiliated website at least once a week.

2.) Public notices have, for years, appeared in the Classified section of newspapers, where they can be reliably viewed.

3.) Such notices (examples here) appear once a week, for four weeks, up until the date of an IDEM air permit hearing.

4.) In contrast, IDEM’s public notice page gets, on average, just 105 unique visitors a week.

5.) Newspaper publication of an air permit hearing increases the likelihood that a reporter will write a story about it — increasing scrutiny and transparency of proposed polluting activity.

6.) Having the ability to know about an air permit hearing in your community makes all the difference in terms of participating in a hearing, and thereby helping to safeguard your family’s health and quality of life.


Please send a short, customized, and courteous email to:

Keelyn Walsh
Rules Development Branch

Email: kwalsh@idem.in.gov

“To confirm timely delivery of submitted comments, please request a document receipt when sending the electronic mail.”

Reference: LSA Document #17-395 Electronic Notice for Air Permits