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Childhood asthma

Fine particle pollution, CAFO emissions and other man-made environmental factors have contributed to a major increase in the number of Hoosier children and adolescents suffering from asthma.  Tell your legislators that you support cleaner air, and ask them to take a leadership role in efforts to improve our air quality.

Mercury pollution
Indiana ranks in the top ten in toxic mercury air emissions in the country, according to the U.S. EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory.
Tragically, to save $150,000 per year, our environmental state agency (IDEM) is proposing to dismantle air monitors and water monitors that provide critical data on the extent of the mercury problem in our state.

Learn more about mercury safeguards for public health!

Sewage-infested streams
More than 100 Hoosier municipalities have sewer systems that combine storm water and sewage. When these systems overflow into neighborhood streams, children play in them, leading to various exposure illnesses.

Pesticide Exposure
While pesticides serve an important purpose, exposure or ingestion to certain types can lead to serious health issues. Unfortunately, the EPA allows registration for pesticides that have been shown to cause health problems.

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