Our Position

The state of Indiana must not, in the midst of a tough economy, scale back its efforts to protect Hoosiers from harmful levels of chemicals and toxins that are directly related to illnesses.   HEC is concerned about several changes at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), that could – cumulatively – set Indiana back in its environmental progress.   These changes include the reorganization of IDEM’s enforcement activities, the appointment of a former coal lobbyist to serve as the head of IDEM’s Office of Legal Counsel, the dismantling of long-standing local air pollution control agencies, and the proposed elimination of a statewide mercury monitoring network.

Industrial-scale livestock operations (CAFOs) should be located a safe distance away from homes, schools, community centers, and wilderness areas to minimize exposure to the dozens of air pollutants emitted by unregulated animal waste lagoons.

Indiana should adopt policies to diversify away from coal-fired power plants responsible for mercury emissions and fine particle pollution that leads to various respiratory illnesses.

Pesticides must be more carefully regulated.

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