Our Position

Dozens of states throughout the country have already passed legislation that reduces their carbon footprints. Sadly, Indiana has been reluctant to follow suit. It is HEC’s position that Indiana should follow the lead of these other states by adopting a carefully crafted set of energy policies.  HEC supports enacting a Renewable Electricity Standard, improving our net metering policies, supporting PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Bonds, updating our building codes and expanding weatherization programs to gain the most possible savings from energy efficiency.

The Hoosier Environmental Council also supports comprehensive federal climate and energy legislation.  Even though cap-and-trade is derided by some of Indiana’s leading politicians, it is a market-based pollution reduction program that has been used with great success to reduce acid rain emissions, and has been championed by both conservative and liberal leaning economists over the last two decades.   HEC’s position on climate and energy legislation is described in this policy paper: American Clean Energy and Security Act policy brief.

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