Climate Change

As Hoosiers, we have a particularly tough challenge before us. Indiana ranks seventh nationally – and first in the Midwest – for greenhouse gas emissions per capita. (U.S. DOE)  Indianapolis has the 2nd highest carbon footprint among all major metro areas. (Brookings)

Contrary to national trends, Indiana is increasing our carbon footprint:

  • The Edwardsport Coal Gasification plant is projected to emit 4 million tons of CO2/year.  It’s the largest advanced coal plant in the country, with no firm commitments to carbon controls.
  • The British Petroleum Refinery expansion is projected to emit 5.8 million tons of CO2/year.  It’s our state’s largest oil refinery, and has no plan to control carbon emissions.

HEC is working on a variety of initiatives, at the state and federal level, to reduce our carbon footprint.

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