Our Position

The Hoosier Environmental Council is concerned that IDEM`s water pollution program, as it is currently administered, poses risks to our already polluted waterways and to our public health. Along with partners the Environmental Law and Policy Center and the Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club, HEC took a decisive step in its efforts to protect water quality in Indiana, submitting a “Petition for Corrective Action” before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, urging the US EPA to take action in addressing major deficiencies in the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management (IDEM)`s water pollution program.

Individual citizens must take an active role in preserving and protecting our state’s most valuable natural resources—air, land and water. Furthermore, the government must act responsibly to ensure that commercial and industrial interests aren’t served at the cost of the state’s ecological well-being.

The Hoosier Environmental Council supports efforts that will improve our water quality:

  • Use of strategically sited native-plant rain gardens to prevent stormwater runoff.
  • Use of buffer strips or riparian zones to prevent agricultural runoff.
  • Use of low-or-no-phosphorus fertilizers to prevent urban runoff.
  • Preventing harmful coal fly ash from contaminating waterways.
  • Proper handling and treatment of manure from Confined Feeding Operations (CFOs) and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

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