Our Position

Real Transportation Choices
The Hoosier Environmental Council supports the construction of a multi-modal (rail, transit, auto, walking) and efficient transportation system that gives Hoosiers real transportation choices. Our vision is to see Indiana’s major cities connected by high-speed passenger rail, and our urban areas served by light rail and bus systems that revitalize neighborhoods and city centers while reducing automobile congestion on the state’s roads and highways.

Mass Transit Development
The HEC believes expanding mass transit in our metropolitan and rural areas – and connecting our cities with high-speed passenger rail – will provide a wealth of economic and environmental benefits to all Hoosiers.

Energy Independence
Transportation solutions that use alternative energy sources and reduce our dependence on personal vehicles can help us achieve energy independence.

Global Warming
Transportation accounts for almost one-fifth of the carbon dioxide emissions in Indiana, which has been proven to be a leading cause of global warming.

Protecting Farm and Forestland
Widespread road construction and related development have endangered one of the state’s most precious resources: Our farms and forests. Alternative transportation options will help preserve Hoosier forest lands and countryside.

The economic costs of fine particle pollution in Indiana exceed five billion dollars each year. Additionally, 60 percent of the ozone pollution in central Indiana is caused by motor vehicles. Cars and trucks also contribute to noise and water pollution.

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