This is a critical time for Indiana. HEC has developed a significant authoritative reputation as the premier advocate on environmental issues across the state. Its work has built a strong network of supporters and engaged leaders across urban, rural, liberal, moderate and conservative ideals. HEC and its broad coalition will be moving into a consequential era for the state as continued efforts to weaken policy and regulations and dampen investment in crucial energy technologies continue to challenge progress across Indiana.

Recognizing these trends, the next Executive Director of HEC, in partnership with the Board of Directors, will be responsible for developing a strategic plan that will focus efforts on critical work across the state. The Executive Director will be charged with aligning the key priorities of the state with the organization and its ability to grow and increase its impact.

The next Executive Director of HEC will have an extraordinary opportunity to grow the impact of a long-standing, well respected, well-positioned institution seeking to grow and expand its presence and influence across the state. Click below to learn more and to apply.