Public transit in Marion County and throughout Indiana was under threat with SB 52! Authored by Sen. Aaron Freeman (R-Indianapolis), SB 52 sought to prohibit IndyGo from dedicating one or more lanes for the exclusive use of buses as it builds out the Blue Line. There was a similar effort regarding the Red Line a few years ago. That was defeated by a concerted effort of HEC and allies to preserve the best plans for public transportation in Indianapolis. The Blue Line will serve as a rapid transit link between the city and the international airport, and it will also provide a vital connection for citizens to get to work, do business and travel for fun and recreation. In short, transit is essential, and this bill would have denied that essential service to residents and visitors.

While there was an amendment to the bill on 1/18 clarifying that there would be an exemption for IndyGo’s Red and Purple Lines, it remained clear that this bill would halt STATEWIDE, for at least one year, all rapid transit planning that would include consideration of dedicated lanes. In the House Roads and Transportation Committee, SB 52 was amended further, and would have only applied to Marion County.

Final Update (as of 3/11):

An agreement has been reached between Speaker Huston and IndyGo, preserving the Blue Line and killing SB 52! Read the statement from Speaker Huston.

SB 52 Senate Vote Sheet (1/29/24)