NOTE: The Senate has removed this dangerous language from SB 414, citing it as nongermane.

SB 414 dealt with the storage of residential sewage, but it was amended in the House Environmental Affairs Committee to further reduce protections for Indiana’s wetlands. “The amendment [on SB 414] clearly demonstrates a continued lack of understanding of the value of wetlands among legislators,” said HEC’s Dr. Indra Frank. Check out this article on the amendment. Similar legislation was defeated in 2021 but the Indiana Builders Association has worked to put it back into legislation without time for public comment.

Wetlands are critically important for the health of our water resources in Indiana. Wetlands:

  • Store excess stormwater, helping to reduce flooding
  • Filter and purify water
  • Help recharge groundwater
  • Provide critical wildlife habitats

Ironically, this amendment also comes only a few months after the Indiana Wetlands Task Force issued its report, which emphasizes that Indiana could not afford to lose any more wetlands.

Final Update (4/28/23)

This dangerous language was removed from SB 414 and did not reappear in the final days of session!

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See how your state rep. voted on this harmful language:

SB 414 House Vote Sheet (3/28/23)