SB 269 was amended in the House and now has a mix of good and bad.

Bad: This bill would reduce the number of significant hazard and low hazard dams in Indiana that are regulated (e.g. regularly inspected). Indiana’s dams are aging and Indiana is receiving more precipitation and more extreme storms, which puts additional strain on dams. This is not a good time to be reducing dam regulation.

Good: The bill requires owners of high hazard dams to write and periodically update an emergency action plan. This provision in SB 269 is a significant step forward for dam safety in Indiana.

SB 269 bill has passed both the Senate and House and is headed to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

SB 269 Senate Vote Sheet (2/1/22)
SB 269 House Vote Sheet (2/22/22)
SB 269 Senate Vote Sheet (3/2/22)