In the final days of the Indiana legislative session, the authors of SEA 242 on floodplain maps, Senator Jean Leising (R- Oldenburg) and Representative Beau Baird (R-Greencastle), worked diligently with stakeholders and significantly improved the bill. This bill concerns floodplains, which are similar to wetlands in that they slow and store excess stormwater, purify water, recharge groundwater, and provide productive wildlife habitat. The final version allows use of the state’s updated floodplain maps, but also puts in place options for property owners to get their portion of the floodplain professionally surveyed or to request a review of potential errors in the state’s maps. The bill also requires training for local floodplain administrators beginning in 2025.

We opposed the initial version SEA 242 because it created a risk that additional buildings would be built in floodplains. It no longer creates that risk, so we dropped our opposition. This legislation prevents construction in floodplains, reduces the risk of flooding, and keeps our rivers and streams healthier.

Final Update (5/8/23)

SEA 242 has been signed by the Governor.

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Please join us in thanking Senator Leising and Representative Baird for their work on this bill.