Introduced by Sen. Scott Baldwin (R-Noblesville) with Sen. Michael Crider (R- Greenfield) and Sen. Chris Garten (R- Charlestown), SEA 241 forces the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to write and adopt rules to establish a bobcat hunting season no later than July 1, 2025. This legislation does not dictate the details, and DNR will be able to determine where, when, and how a season will be put in place.

Despite a lack of solid scientific data on bobcat population and geographic dispersion, the Senate is advanced this legislation. Sen. Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) offered two amendments requiring DNR to ensure that hunting, if started at all, would not be detrimental to a sustainable population of bobcats, but both were defeated.

Final Update (as of 3/13):

SB 241 has been signed by the Governor.

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SB 241 Senate Vote Sheet (1/29/24)

SB 241 House Vote Sheet (2/20/24)