Indiana enacted a very controversial anti-solar energy law (SEA 309) in 2017, despite broad-based opposition from an array of public interest groups, renewable energy companies, and tech CEOs. In essence, SEA 309 eliminates net metering, which credits solar owners, at the retail rate, for any solar electricity that they do not use on-site. Since SEA 309’s passage, lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, are increasingly interested in ways to promote rooftop solar.
  • SB 248 – enables future solar owners to take advantage of traditional “monthly netting” when net metering is replaced by a new credit mechanism
  • SB 314 – extends the life of net metering (beyond its expiration in the middle of 2022) and significantly increases the number of Hoosier homes, businesses, places of worship, and schools that could benefit from net metering
Unfortunately, these bills were denied a hearing in the 2022 legislative session.