Introduced by Rep. Shane Lindauer (R- Bedford), HB 1399 would limit the definition of PFAS chemicals. This legislation would limit Indiana’s ability to regulate these chemicals in the future.

PFAS, which stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a family of thousands of chemicals that have been used heavily in firefighting foams, but have also been used in many consumer products, including nonstick pans, stain-resistant fabrics, food packaging, wire coatings, medical devices, and in the manufacturing of semiconductors. They can cause liver or immune system changes, high cholesterol, and kidney or testicular cancer. Once released into the environment, they don’t break down, so they are also referred to as “forever chemicals”. They were the subject of the true legal case portrayed in the book Exposure by Robert Bilott and the 2019 movie Dark Waters. Because they are used so extensively, they are finding their way into drinking water and into people’s bodies. Once the PFAS chemicals are released to the environment or get into the human body, they are very persistent, which increases their potential for harm. Learn more about the health effects of PFAS.

Update (as of 2/15):

HB 1399 will be considered by the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee. It is on the schedule for Monday, 2/19, for testimony only.

Take Action:

Please urge your state senator to oppose HB 1399, especially if they serve on the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee.

HB 1399 House Vote Sheet (1/23/24)