Authored by Rep. Maureen Bauer (D- South Bend), HEA 1219 sets up a program to study blood levels of PFAS chemicals in Indiana firefighters and whether they have caused any health effects.

PFAS are a family of chemicals that have been used heavily in firefighting foams, but have also been used in many consumer products, for example nonstick pans and stain resistant fabrics. They can cause liver or immune system changes, high cholesterol, and kidney or testicular cancer. Once the PFAS chemicals are released to the environment or get into the human body, they are very persistent, which increases their potential for harm. Learn more about the health effects of PFAS.

Final Update (5/4/23)

HEA 1219 has been signed by Governor Holcomb! See how your state legislators voted, and thank them if they voted for this legislation:

HB 1219 House Vote Sheet (2/14/23)

HB 1219 Senate Vote Sheet (4/4/23)