Local governments have, for decades, been at the forefront of protecting our public health, including addressing issues with leaking septic tanks, mold, mosquitoes, second hand smoke, and much more.
Major special interests want to strip away the right of local governments to prohibit energy resources and infrastructure that a local government might view as harmful to the public health, such as waste-to-energy facilities and natural gas infrastructure (the latter both because of its climate impacts and because of the health risks of cooking with gas).
HEA 1191 also impairs future, local-level carbon-cutting efforts in three distinct ways: It strips city and county governments of their ability to 1.) ban utility-owned, high-carbon emitting electricity resources in their community, 2.) require zero-carbon building technologies in privately-owned buildings, and 3.) ban the sale of an array of high-carbon emitting retail products in their community.
Unfortunately, despite a strong coalition of opposition, HEA 1191 was signed into law on April 29, 2021.  Contact your State Rep and State Senator to express your concern about how they voted – or to express your praise; here are the final votes in the House and Senate.
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