Introduced by Rep. Robb Greene (R- Shelbyville), HB 1154 would create the Hoosier Homestead Farm program, which would be administered by the Indiana State Dept. of Agriculture. This Program would:

  1. commemorate as Hoosier Homestead farms properties that have been owned by the same family for at least 100 years, and
  2. Maintain an electronic registry of Hoosier homestead farms

HB 1154 would prohibit eminent domain projects from taking properties registered in the Hoosier Homestead Farm Program. The Hoosier Homestead Farm Program would honor Indiana’s rich agricultural heritage and protect Indiana’s farmland from future development.

Update (as of 2/2)

Unfortunately, HB 1154 has not received a hearing in the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee ahead of the committee report deadline, meaning it does not advance.