HEC supports giving local governments additional options for funding their public transit systems. In 2014, the Indiana General Assembly provided new funding options for central Indiana. In response, Indianapolis-Marion County voters approved a modest new transit tax that is funding a substantial expansion of the IndyGo transit system, including three new bus rapid transit routes, one of which — the Red Line — is already in service. New legislation to give this same funding flexibility to other communities in Indiana  —  SB 369 — was introduced this session but was defeated on the Senate floor in a 22 to 27 vote.  See how your senator voted.

Critics of IndyGo’s Red Line BRT service, who helped defeat SB 369, have also added an anti-transit amendment to HB 1279, a bill concerning transit development districts in Northwest Indiana.  This amendment would reduce Marion County’s allocation of transit tax revenue, effectively preventing completion of the two additional planned BRT lines — the Blue Line and the Purple Line.  Learn more about IndyGo, its BRT routes, and how the system improvements are driving ridership growth.   HEC opposes this anti-transit amendment in HB 1279.

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