Despite an outpouring of opposition, HB 1414 passed out of the Indiana General Assembly and was signed into law by Governor Holcomb.

Final Roll Call Votes: House, Senate – please contact your lawmakers and express your disappointment for those who voted in favor – and gratitude for those who voted against.

Coal-fired electricity has powered Indiana’s electricity for decades, but it remains dirty, generating millions of tons of toxic coal ash each year.  Fellow Midwestern states like Iowa are leading the charge to a renewable-powered future, getting nearly 40% of its electricity from renewables.  Iowa’s electricity is just as reliable and actually costs less than Indiana’s.  HB 1414 adds an unnecessary regulatory roadblock to the transition from coal to clean energy – a roadblock that comes into play should the expiration date in HB 1414 be removed in a future legislative session.  The roadblock could increase electricity bills for everyday Hoosiers and could lower clean energy investment in Indiana. Furthermore, the bill sends a bad message about Indiana – that Indiana is tied to outdated technologies and systems.  Read our analysis of the bill, and our statement after Gov. Holcomb chose to sign HB 1414 into law.