The Purdue Climate Change Research Center has forecasted that Indiana will be subject to increasingly severe and frequent flooding, reduced crop yields, threatened infrastructure, and more.

Indiana’s lawmakers have a moral and fiscal obligation to protect Hoosiers from the increasingly higher costs of climate change on our people, infrastructure, economy, and environment. Senator Ron Alting (R-Lafayette) (in partnership with the youth leaders of the West Lafayette, IN-founded Confront the Climate Crisis) has introduced a climate resolution SCR 3 that aims to get lawmakers to formally acknowledge the key facts and key forecasts about climate change. Senator Alting also filed SB 255 which would have established a Climate and Environmental Justice Task Force that would methodically assess how Indiana can accelerate the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the adaptation of the economy to climate change, and the development of a vibrant sustainable economy.

SB 255 was denied a hearing in the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee.

Ask your State Representative and State Senator to convey to their respective legislative leaders that they want to see a “climate study committee in the fall of 2022”.