This is a short description, tagline, motto, or mission statement.
This is a description of what is available to attendees at your booth.
How will you interact with attendees at your booth? If you plan to be Live, you may also provide a back-up video or slideshow for times when you are not at your booth.
If you have your video or slideshow ready now, please provide the link. Otherwise, you may provide the link to Delaney or Aspen later. The deadline for links is November 12!
Optional: Use this field to write a special offer or call-to-action for booth visitors. It could be a discount, special access, coupon code, a hashtag CTA, etc.
This button will either send the attendee's email to you or it can redirect the attendee to a web page (like an email signup).
If you have selected "Link to Web Page" above, provide the link here.