Reduced Footprint

Did you know that…

  • The U.S. is responsible for 25% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions?
  • Indiana has one of the highest carbon emissions in the U.S., on a per-person basis?
  • Indiana has no laws to control, or even monitor, the state’s carbon emissions?

Five Things You Can Do as an Engaged Citizen of Indiana:

1. Support a federal cap and trade system

What it does:  Places a national ceiling on total carbon emissions and allows entities to trade their carbon permits with one another to reduce costs.
Why it matters:  Spurs industries to find cost-cutting, energy-efficient opportunities in their operations; creates an enormous national market for renewable energy technologies; reduces air pollution as a secondary benefit.

2. Support a state-level renewable electricity standard

What it does:  Requires utilities to buy part of their power from renewables.
Why it matters:  Reduces reliance on high-polluting electricity sources; creates jobs in rural areas; promotes a new economic sector for Indiana.

3. Support energy-efficient building codes

What it does:  Requires buildings to have equipment and materials of a certain level of energy efficiency.
Why it matters:  Buildings consume about 70% of our total energy use. This saves billions in operations and maintenance costs, and reduces demand for electricity, reducing the need to build base load, often polluting energy.

4. Support forest land procurement

What it does:  Expands acreage under forest land.
Why it matters:  Protects rare species, provides aesthetic, economic value.

5. Support mass transit funding

What it does:  Enables more bus lines, intercity rail, and light rail systems.
Why it matters:  Reduces air pollution, stress, and oil dependency.