Local Foods

Locally grown food is good for everybody: local farmers, the local environment, and people who get food that’s fresher, healthier, and tastes better. It may be from a farmer 100 miles away or even less, who is usually a small, independent producer.  Many people support local food in an effort to encourage the sustainability of their region. Often you can talk to the person who grows or produces your food to find out what kind of environmental impact your food is creating.

Local does not necessarily mean organic, but it does decrease the environmental impacts of transporting goods. The amount of environmental impact from a local product depends solely on the specific producer. Some may use organic means while others may use more conventional ones. By inquiring with the producer, you can find out for certain the farm’s specific sustainability.

Where can you find locally grown food? One great place to start is with Local Harvest, which has listings of Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs). Through this service, you can pay for a subscription and receive produce straight from the farmer at a local farm, usually weekly, for the entire season.