Home Solar Power

As Americans, we rely heavily on electricity, but we must change the way we receive and use our power. We still produce most of our energy with the hundred-year-old technology of coal-fired plants. These outdated electricity-creators are unsustainable due to their non-renewable fuel origin and their horribly polluting emissions.

Solar power can be a great alternative:

  • It’s safe, clean and benign, with no emissions.
  • Once installed, the energy is free!
  • The source is huge and unlimited.
  • No CO2 emissions.
  • It reduces the country’s dependence on imported energy.
  • The price for solar will never fluctuate, as with coal or petroleum.

You can find great resources at the U.S. Department of Energy website, Evergreen Solar, and Solar Power Rocks, a San Francisco-based site containing solar information by state, and lots more.