Green Congregations

Resources for Green-minded Religious Congregations, of all Faiths

Places of worship are natural settings to make the best use of the resources that we are blessed with.  Indiana is very fortunate to have several organizations and faith groups that bring stewardship of Creation and sustainability to Hoosier congregations.  These groups provide resources to congregations, faith leaders, and lay people.  How to establish a Green Team, promote energy efficiency for facilities, and “eat ethically” are just a few of the initiatives that these groups have established for faith communities.

Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light is an Indiana group aiming to raise environmental consciousness among a diversity of faiths.

A group called Earth Care brings Hoosiers of faith together with a specific focus on curbing  global climate change.

Indianapolis Green Congregations helps central Indiana faith communities become better stewards of the earth and all its inhabitants.

Being a good steward of the earth is as simple as making environmental choices. You can begin by using compostable communion cups, improving the efficiency of your facilities, or starting a sustainable garden for your congregation.

Want to learn more about how to green your congregation?  Check out these greening guides!

What are congregations doing?

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What is HEC doing?

In November 2011, HEC and our allies from Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light and several Christian colleges hosted Peter Illyn, founder of Restoring Eden, for a four-university speaking tour.  In the course of this tour, Illyn spoke before two chapels, presented at three evening events open to students and members of the community, and led discussions in half a dozen classrooms.

HEC thanks our friends from H-IPL, Taylor University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Anderson University, and Goshen College for all of their help in planning the tour.  We hope that this tour will be only the first of many tours aimed at educating Christian college students on the moral imperative to address climate change.

Also in November 2011, HEC worked with the Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis Green Congregations, Slow Foods Indy, and other allies to host a Spirit & Place workshop on sustainable foods and healthy foods for healthy bodies.  Panelists Falon French (HEC), Dr. Steven Jay (IUPUI),  Todd Jameson (farmer/Slow Foods), and Carol Johnson (CTS) – led by moderator Jodi Perras (Indy Green Congregations) answered questions about proper health and nutrition, the impact that agricultural practices have on the environment, and the impact that agri-chemicals and fertilizers have on the human body.