Volunteer Spotlight: Randi Caldwell

Randi CaldwellRandi Caldwell grew up in Northwest Indiana. She became a vegetarian at 12 in a family that loved to eat meat (though her parents have now cut out red meat). She graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree and moved out to Denver with her now-husband for two years while he went to culinary school. They then moved back to Indiana after his graduation.

Randi currently works at Capital Group in Indianapolis as an HR admin assistant. She is married with a young daughter, Piper, who is also a vegetarian and Randi’s “little activist in training”. Randi loves live music and makes going to Phish concerts and music fests part of their family vacations every year.

Read more about Randi’s involvement with HEC as an Environmental Advocate in her own words below.

Why did you get involved with HEC?

“I was looking for an environmental organization that worked more on the policy side. I wanted to learn about what was happening in my state with environmental issues and in local politics. Checking out the HEC website there was so much information, I wanted to be a part of it.”

What environmental issue are you most passionate about and why?

“Animal agriculture’s impact is very concerning to me. Deforestation, greenhouse gasses, water pollution and usage, ocean dead zones…you name it animal agriculture has a hand in it. We could turn to 100% renewable energy overnight and we would still be contributing to climate change in a devastating way. It’s such an easy fix to, but something even environmental organizations are not willing to talk about.”

What has volunteering with HEC been like? What opportunities has it afforded you?

“I have a love/hate relationship with making phone calls for HEC. I get very nervous calling random strangers but every now and again you get to have great conversations with folks in your community. I was also able to see Ben Folds with the ISO! Great perk!”

What would you say to someone to try and convince them to volunteer with HEC?

“HEC is a great organization that is making real change in Indiana. The folks work hard and are very knowledgeable and passionate. I did quite a bit of volunteering to stop HB1082 and when we succeeded it was such a great feeling of accomplishment.”