November 9, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Community Meeting Rm, Decatur County REMC
1430 W. Main Street
IN 47240

Upstream, Downstream: Sharing the Watershed. How do my actions positively or negatively affect the ways other people interact with the watershed? Presenter: Phillip Anderson, ReThink Consulting and IUPUI. Format: 35-minute presentation with 25-minute facilitated discussions. A watershed is a stage on which people and nature gather to play multiple roles. Within any watershed there is farming, recreation, housing, industry, wildlife and natural spaces. We ask a lot of our watersheds. We expect them to provide drinking water and remove wastewater, support industry, store groundwater, and drain farm fields, paved streets and parking lots. Do we consider how, in our daily living, we contribute to the health or destruction of these living systems? In this talk, Phillip encourages attendees to consider this question in their own life and locality: How do my actions affect the ways other people interact with the watershed?

The presentation will be hosted both live and virtual. In the event of restrictions due to COVID we plan to meet by Zoom only. Notification and zoom links will be sent out.

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