February 24, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Scientists from universities across Indiana will share research on the value of isolated wetlands, which are vital to the health of Indiana’s ecology, water and people. These unique and important ecosystems are currently threatened by Senate Bill 389, which would repeal critical wetland protections in Indiana. Speakers will share short presentations about many ecosystem functions that isolated wetlands provide including: flood storage, wildlife habitat, water quality improvements, and carbon storage. Speakers include:

  • Sara McMillan (Purdue University) – Moderator & introduction
  • Chris Craft (Indiana University) – Importance of isolated wetlands on the landscape
  • Katie O’Reilly (Notre Dame) – Water quality benefits provided by isolated wetlands
  • Bob Barr (IUPUI) – Role of isolated wetlands in flood storage and groundwater recharge
  • Cliff Johnston (Purdue University) – Carbon storage in isolated wetlands
  • Jason Hoverman (Purdue University) – Isolated wetlands as critical wildlife habitat