February 12, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Join us for an online forum via Zoom on Friday, February 12 at noon, EST to learn how you can get involved in the fight for factory farm reform in Indiana! We’ll discuss current factory farm legislation in the 2021 Indiana legislative session with State Representative Sue Errington, State Representative Tom Saunders and HEC’s Senior Staff Attorney and Ag Policy Director, Kim Ferraro.
 Registration is free and open to the public.
Indiana is home to nearly 2,000 factory farms and more than 85% of all livestock “produced” in Indiana come from these industrial-sized animal factories.
Factory farms/CAFOs have well-known and well-documented industrial-scale pollution impacts on our land, waterways and people from the enormous amount of biological waste they produce. Even so, our laws continue to treat factory farms as if they are “farms,” leaving our rural communities vulnerable to serious public health and environmental threats. Currently, there are three critical factory farm bills in the 2021 Indiana legislative session that could have major impacts on the future of agriculture in Indiana. Join us to learn how to make sure your voice is heard!