Thank you for making a pledge to hold a 2021 Virtual Fundraiser supporting HEC!

Whether you plan to host a Facebook Fundraiser (or on another social media fundraising platform), or plan to simply get your friends together for a video chat fundraiser, we are grateful for your dedication supporting our mission to make Indiana a more environmentally friendly place to call home.

HEC would like to learn about your plans for your fundraiser, so please fill out the pledge form below. We’ll follow up before your fundraiser date with tools to help make your fundraiser a success! Here is a Facebook Donations and Step-by-Step Fundraiser Instructions document and below is a How-To video to get you started. Or click here for an HEC FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER QUICKSTART!



Fundraisers who raise $1,000 or more will get a personalized, video recorded message from a senior leader at HEC thanking them and their supporters for participating!

Pledge Form