A leading policy strategy would be for Indiana to re-enact an energy efficiency portfolio standard, also called an energy efficiency resource standard (EERS). Indiana had an EERS from 2010 to 2014, thanks to Governor Daniels and the advocacy of several consumer & environmental groups, but it was abolished by Governor Pence and the Indiana General Assembly in 2014. An EERS is the fastest, most cost-effective way for states to reduce their energy usage — saving homes and businesses money, spurring a vibrant building retrofit sector, and reducing the need for costly new, carbon-polluting power plants. In the absence of an EERS, the Hoosier Environmental Council is continuing to advocate for a PACE Financing law, urge its supporters to oppose investor-owned utility efforts to hike their “fixed charges” during rate cases (which disincent energy efficiency), and make sure that energy efficiency is a strategy in city-level climate resilience plans.