Effectiveness is based on geography— legislators are most responsive to their own constituents, and want to hear your opinions as a constituent. Maintain contact with your legislators throughout the year. Best of all, meet with your legislators when they’re at home in their district. Nothing is more effective than an in-person meeting. Invite them for coffee, or for a hike in a local park or natural area. You can also find them at many community events. Don’t be intimidated – legislators are community members with daily lives not unlike yours.

Stay in touch during the legislative session. Attend “meet your legislator” events such as “Third House” meetings hosted by your Chamber of Commerce or League of Women Voters that occur in the districts during session. This is an opportunity to ask questions, encourage support or opposition for particular bills, and hear legislators’ views in a forum where citizens, other community leaders and news reporters are present and will hear your point of view and legislators’ responses.