Bill Watch 2012

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your elected officials – they can’t represent you if they don’t know what you want!  We’ve provided some information to get you started:

The Hoosier Environmental Council began the session working on three priority bills: the public transit bill (HB 1073); our PACE bonds bill (HB 1332); and the phosphorus-free lawn fertilizers bill (HB 1032).  While none of these bills emerged from committee,  HEC did collaborate with our allies on many other important environmental bills.  For more information, you can read HEC’s legislative agenda or check out our Bill Watch issue pages to see what happened during the legislative session:

If you would like to receive updates about Indiana’s legislature or state agency policies and rules, please contact Falon at, sign up for HEC action alerts, or visit our action center!

Government 101

Meet The Candidates/Meet Your Legislator

Have you ever wanted to sit face-to-face with your elected official and let them know how you really feel?  It only takes a few letters and/or phone calls from constituents to make a legislator take notice.  Your legislators want to hear from you – they want to get to know their constituents, and the issues that their constituents care about!

The primary debates are heating up, and most candidates will be attending Meet the Candidate events in the next weeks. These events are crucial in learning more about how a candidate feels and — most importantly — whether they will take advice from constituents on some of the issues most important to you!  Many of these events can be found on HEC’s website, in your local newspaper, or on community calendars in your area.  If you plan to attend a Meet the Candidate event and would like some talking points and sample questions, or if you hear about an event in your community, please contact Falon at

Many legislators attend meetings in their districts so that they can learn more about how their constituents feel and what concerns they have.  These meetings are most commonly referred to as “Third House” meetings, but may also be known as “meet your legislator” events or “Cracker Barrel” meetings, depending on the host and the location.   If you plan to attend a third house or other meet your legislator event and would like advice, talking points for environmental bills, educational materials, or sample questions, we would be happy to send you what you need!

PLEASE NOTE: Some Chambers of Commerce only allow Chamber members to attend their third house meetings.  If you are unsure on whether you can attend, it is always best to call first!

If you learn of a scheduled meeting, please contact Falon at

How a bill becomes a law