It is time for Indiana to plan and prepare for climate change.

Ensuring security and creating an environment where Hoosiers can thrive are the most basic responsibilities of government. Climate change both threatens our security and presents economic opportunity.

Senate Bill 335 would have created a climate solutions task force to study and make recommendations on how Indiana can:

  • take steps to reduce the severity of climate change
  • be resilient in the face of severe storms, increased rainfall and flooding, and other climate-related changes
  • adapt to a new climate reality

Authored by State Senators Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington), Ron Alting (R-Lafayette), and Jon Ford (R- Terre Haute) and co-authored by Senators Eric Bassler (R-Washington), Vaneta Becker (R-Evansville), Fady Qaddoura (D-Indianapolis), Dan Dernulc (R- Highland), and J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis), this task force would have worked to reduce Indiana’s greenhouse gas emissions, develop a sustainable economy for all, and improve Hoosiers’ quality of life.

Update: 2/17/23

SB 335 will be heard in the Indiana Senate Environmental Affairs committee on Monday, February 20th! While it is not currently scheduled to receive a vote, this is a milestone. In the past, similar climate-related legislation has been tossed out without a hearing. Read HEC’s testimony on SB 335 and our recent commentary in the Indiana Capital Chronicle.

Final Update: 2/24/23

SB 335 was heard in the Senate Environmental Affairs committee on Monday, February 20th! ! Five Republican lawmakers joined with three Democrats to sponsor this bill. Although it did not receive a vote, this is a milestone.  While this bill did not advance this session, HEC and our partners are committed to pushing Indiana to take action on climate change.

Take Action

While SB 335 did not advance in the Environmental Affairs Committee, we must keep the conversation going. Please contact your state senator and share your feelings about SB 335’s outcome in committee.