2022 Indiana General Assembly Ends With Hard-Fought Wins for Indiana’s Environment 

The gavel has come down on the 2022 Indiana General Assembly. The brisk session was consequential from an environmental and energy perspective, as we note in our 2022 End of Session Report

The Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC), our environmental partners, and other key allies secured three major public health victories, four wins for the cause of the sustainable economy, and one critical success for the good of our land and water this legislative session.”

Tim Maloney, HEC’s Senior Policy Director

HEC’s outgoing Executive Director, Jesse Kharbanda, for whom the 2022 legislative session will be his final one, praises colleagues internal and external to HEC:

Despite long odds, the public interest prevailed on several environmental fronts this session.  Victories happened, more often than not, due to the encouraging alignment between public interest and business interests, and voices of diverse ideological backgrounds coming together. I am grateful for the indefatigable efforts of Tim Maloney and Dr. Indra Frank both as our Statehouse presence and as key coalition builders for HEC, for the swift, very helpful legal analysis and stakeholder engagement of HEC’s Senior Attorney Kim Ferraro, and for the focused and critical community organizing by Emily Plunkett and Delaney Barber on our Outreach Team.”

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