1. Protecting Land and Water

A. Defending Public Access to Lake Michigan

1.) HB 1385: Enshrines into law the right of public access to Lake Michigan and its shoreline for walking, swimming, fishing, boating, and other activities. The bill is heading to the Governor.

2.) Our Impact: HEC relentlessly engaged on every bill and amendment concerning the Lake Michigan shoreline, including HB 1385, marshaling our statewide supporters and testifying in both Chambers of the legislature.

B. Standing Up for Indiana-Protected Wetlands

1.) SB 229: Creates a first-ever weakening of Indiana’s 2003 bipartisan-backed isolated wetland law. The bill heads to the Governor for signature; HEC and our allies are calling for a veto of SB 229.

2.) Our Impact: HEC’s unwavering efforts to educate lawmakers and mobilize the public helped lead to two amendments that moderated the harm of this bill.

C. Keeping Watch of our Rivers and Lakes from Stormwater Pollution

1.) SB 46: Would have slashed available revenue of local stormwater professionals in their quest to reduce stormwater pollution, a major source of river and lake pollution. The original language of the bill was stripped out and replaced with study committee language.

2.) Our Impact: HEC mobilized our statewide network of supporters and partners to help defeat the original, dangerous version of this bill.

2. Improving the Health of Hoosiers

A. Safeguarding children from lead poisoning

1.) HB 1265: Creates first-ever requirements on schools to test for lead in drinking water; advances to the Governor for signature.

2.) Our impact: Key public interest organization to actively support this bill throughout the session.

B. Protecting firefighters from PFAS exposure

1.) HB 1189: Establishes a first-ever ban on the use of the controversial chemical PFAS in firefighter training; has been signed by the Governor.

2.) Our impact: HEC successfully persuaded the bill author and the Senate Environmental Committee Chairman to support, in writing, the establishment of a study committee on PFAS risks and alternatives.

3. Standing Up for Sustainable Energy

A. Paving the way for the coal-to-clean energy transition

1.) HB 1414: Creates a regulatory roadblock in transitioning our energy system from coal to clean energy. This bill advances to the Governor for signature; HEC and our allies are calling for a veto.

2.) Our impact: Through considerable public engagement and daily engagement in the Statehouse, key opponents, including HEC, helped place strict time limits on the duration of this bill, and helped water down the new regulatory roadblock.